Enhancement of cyber educational system of Montenegro

Naziv projekta / Title Enhancement of cyber educational system of Montenegro
Referentni broj / Reference number 544088-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-SI-TEMPUS-JPHES
Godina projekta / Project year 2013
Trajanje u godinama / Duration in years 3
Područje / Scope Nacionalni
Tip projekta / Type Tempus Joint project - Governance Reform
Kratak pregled / Summary

The ECESM project has been designed to enhance overall cyber security posture of the Montenegro (ME) by accelerating the availability of educational and training resources designed to improve the cyber behaviour, skills, and knowledge of every segment of the population.

The main project objective is to improve, develop and implement standards, guidelines and procedures at national system levels in ME in order to enable creation of agile and highly skilled forces capable of responding to a dynamic and rapidly developing array of e-threats. Developed standards will be adopted and assimilated to EU standards.

ECESM project will build highly aware ME society through establishing a cyber-education framework through providing:

  • Extensive workshops, presentations and promotions for citizens and all levels of staff involved in broad swaths of the economy and individual actors, representatives of organizations, etc.;
  • Specialized training for specific groups of workers, related to their range of responsibilities and jurisdictions, ranging from state and local governments, private sector, critical infrastructure owners/operators, large companies, small businesses, academic institutions, and other interested parties;
  • Accredited master program recognized and supported by relevant international academic society, for continuous future education of highly skilled professionals in specific areas of cyber security.

 Project goals and outcomes will fulfil issues defined through the ME process of examinations with the EU (screening chapter 10- Information society and media, Dec, 2012). Quality Control and Monitoring of project activities and results will be realized continuously throughout the whole duration of the project. The synergy of national Ministries of Education and Information Society and Telecommunications, with relevant institutions in EU highly experienced in cyber education, is the best guarantee of the sustainability of project results beyond its life time.

Partneri / Partners
  • University of Maribor - coordinator, SI
  • Buckinghamshire New University, UK
  • Università degli studi Roma Tre, IT
  • Tallinn University of Technology, EE
  • Global Cyber Security Center, IT
  • University of Donja Gorica, ME
  • Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, ME
  • Institute of Modern Technology Montenegro, ME
  • Ministry of Information Society and Telecommunications, ME
  • Computer Incident Response Team, ME
  • Ministry of Education, ME
  • University Mediterranean, ME
Odobreni budžet u eurima / Approved budget in euros  795984
Tempus grant u eurima / Tempus grant in euros 715984
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